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To complement our Sales and Locating services, Buxton Motorsports, Inc. will also gladly receive your current sports or luxury automobile on consignment.  We are always looking for quality vehicles to represent in our inventory, and a Consignment allows our clients relief from the hassles of advertising their vehicles, answering late night telephone inquiries, e-mailing pictures to prospective buyers and allowing strangers to interrupt their evenings and weekends with test drives and “tire kicking” sessions.  Our service also takes the financial risk out of the sales process.  When we handle the sale of your vehicle you don’t have to worry about a personal check bouncing, receiving a forged cashiers check, having a money wire reversed, filling out titles and other documents incorrectly (resulting in frustrations with the Department of Motor Vehicles), or being subject to a lawsuit from a less than honest buyer for an implied or verbal warranty claim.  Our services allow you to receive top dollar for your vehicle with none of the hassle of the retail sales process. 

On average we sell 99% of our consigned vehicles, and most of the time about 50% of our inventory is comprised of vehicles consigned to us by clients from all over the United States. Consignments have been and continue to be a very important part of our business.  When reviewing your options, consider our consignment services to: return a fair market value for your vehicle; have your car advertised nationally by auto enthusiasts who are familiar with your vehicle; have it shown to the clientele who will have an interest in it; free up more of your spare time; and reduce your exposure to liability or fraud.  We can also increase the likelihood of a sale with our access to enclosed transportation, aftermarket warranties and financing or leasing options.

The Process:

As with any transfler of property, information is vital for the quick sale of your vehicle.  The more information we have the easier it will be for us to find a buyer.  During our initial conversation I will inquire as to the year, make, model, and mileage of your automobile, as well as more specific items such as options, the availability of ownership and service history, as well as any aftermarket upgrades or changes that may have been made to the vehicle.  We will require to have physical possession of your vehicle, as it greatly increases the chance of a quick sale.  It is much easier for us to accurately represent your auto to prospective buyers and to deal with those buyers when we have the vehicle available to send extra photos, participate in a FaceTime session, or show the vehicle to a walk-in client.

Marketing and selling high-end automobiles is a very specialized process, and our market reach and long-term business relationships with other dealers & private buyers is what will get your vehicle sold.  We offer the best and most direct marketing, and we always attempt to obtain the highest possible sales price.  Your auto will be advertised not only just in our showroom, but nationally / worldwide via our internet web page; to wholesale and retail dealers who specialize in similar makes and models; on marque-specific websites; and to a network of private buyers that are currently searching for your specific model vehicle.  Aiding in the sales process is our ability to offer a variety of aftermarket warranties on all qualifying vehicles.  Prospective buyers often feel a great sense of comfort and peace of mind when considering vehicles that qualify for such warranties - which only increases the likelihood of a sale.  We also offer door-to-door transportation of the vehicle to its new owner.  Our goal is to reward every single client with an exceptional automotive purchase and ownership experience from start to finish.

Requirements for Consigned Vehicles:

Only quality automobiles accepted. We prefer to not
represent salvage title,
rebuilt title or true-mileage unknown vehicles.

Owners awareness of actual market prices of vehicle, and willingness to accept a fair
market value.

1. Accept what your car is worth, based on confirmed sales and not wishful asking prices on web sites or in various publications.  Asking prices do not set the market!

2. If your car doesn't sell in the first month, and you really want to turn it into money, be prepared to drop the price about 5% every two or three weeks until it sells. Keeping an overpriced vehicle with my company is a waste of our time and yours.  The goal is to sell the vehicle!  I guarantee there is a number at which it will sell; you just might not like it -- at first.

Vehicles should be mechanically sound, serviced and in proper working order. Offer it for sale as you would want to purchase it.
Information about
history of vehicle must
be available.
  Copies of service records and a
copy of the title are very important to our ability to retail the vehicle at a
market correct price.
Consignment agreement
is for a minimum 30 day
period.  We require a reasonable amount of
time to prepare the
vehicle for sale, and to market and advertise
it correctly.

Vehicles must be detailed and in retail sales condition.  If it's dirty, our Detail Shop will do it right!

Please note that BMI is not interested in nor will we broker vehicles with odometer discrepancies, salvage and/or rebuilt titles, or any vehicles with any such tainted histories.  In order to begin the process, a very reasonable $350.00 deposit is required to cover a full interior and exterior detail, an installed Schumacher battery tender, our time in the write up, and any advertising and marketing expenses that we incur.  (If your vehicle already has a battery tender installed the consignment fee is only $300.00).  Any mechanical or cosmetic repair necessary to bring a vehicle to salable condition will be the financial responsibility of the Owner / Consignee.

Consignment Fees:
Our compensation for our services will be obtained from the final selling price of the vehicle, and at most will amount to no less than 10% of the Gross selling price of the first $50,000.00, with 2.5% applied to any amount over the initial $50,000.00, and a $2,500.00 minimum on all sales, not including the initial consignment fee.  Any compensation accepted below 10% will be subject to the approval of Buxton Motorsports, Inc. staff.

Frequently Asked Questions:

"Where will my vehicle be advertised and marketed?"

BMI spares no expense to ensure that all of our inventory is being advertised in the right places.  Aside from our home page, which is already a highly visited website, we advertise our entire inventory on over 20 major third-party sites.  BMI also participates in e-mail, newspapers and other print ad campaigns.

"How do I get my vehicle to your facility?"

In the event that the vehicle is not local to BMI, we have an extensive network of professional car transporters at our disposal.  We will work with your schedule to transport your vehicle safely and efficiently to our facility.

"Do I need to have my title-in-hand to consign my car?"

If a vehicle currently has a lien from a bank or financial institution we can still consign that vehicle.  When the vehicle is sold the payoff is made to the appropriate lien holder and the remainder is paid to the Owner / Consignee.  To make the sales process more efficient we do require keeping a copy of your title in our possession (any buyers obtaining financing will need to present a copy of the title to their lender in order to complete their pre-approval process).  Should you prefer to leave your title with us it will be stored in our fireproof safe along with the titles to all of our own inventory.

"What other paperwork and documentation do you need?"

A copy of your drivers license is required, along with a copy of the vehicles registration & insurance (if applicable).  Any documentation of your vehicle is also very helpful to the sale process such as service records, window sticker, documents of restoration and / or ownership history of the car.

Please call today to discuss any questions you may have concerning the consignment of your automobile.

*References provided upon request
, or view our testimonials page for referrals from some of our satisfied clients.

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